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  Get unstuck and back to life.
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Unstuck Living

We are true to our name – a company dedicated to helping you get unstuck and back to life. We specialize in helping homeowners transition through life’s big events, from Moving to Project Management, and ongoing support to keep you unstuck!

Hi there

My name is Ashlie Cobb


When my husband was in the military we moved a lot. After years of travel, we settled in Texas ready to plant some roots. At first, I just wanted to get to know my neighbors and offer help in the best way that I could – just neighbors helping neighbors. 


Having a knack for all things home, coordinating chaos, and giving space for grace, I also knew I could be a safe place. One that my neighbors could come to for help with those messy situations that don’t always have an easy fix.

And then, Unstuck Living was born.

Unstuck Living


Life unstuck is what fills you up,
not what weighs you down.
It’s having the freedom to live.
It’s finding courage through change. 
It’s discovering purpose in something new.
An unstuck life creates space for creativity
and community, not to be compared or compromised.
It is time well spent and memories that last.
It’s making a house a home.
It’s where we begin again.
We Believe

In neighbors helping neighbors.


That living a life rich in experience will bring you more joy than all the ‘stuff’ ever could.

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Work With Us


Moving Management

Moving to a new home can be an overwhelming process. That's where we come in. From prepping your home for sale and packing, to moving your belongings and getting set up in your new residence, we'll make a plan and support you in it every step of the way.

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Home Project Management

Ready to start that renovation project but can't find the time? Have a BIG mess on your hands and you don't know where or how to begin? Let us chart a plan of action, coordinate any necessary contractors, and get you unstuck!


Home & Property Management

There's getting unstuck. And there's staying unstuck. If you're a busy professional or retired and need a few more hands on deck, we can step in as your Property Management experts for regular maintenance, and in those events where life just happens!

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Success Stories

Wow ! Ashlie and her team went above and beyond. We had furniture shipped to TX for a new home , which was not quiet ready yet. She was able to arrange storage of the furniture, delivery, and set up . We are so happy with the organization and professionalism and would highly recommend Unstuck Living to anyone .

Jon Ligori


I asked Ashlie to get some things out of a closet, but first she had to organize my garage to have a place to put those things. My garage was not in good order. I am not a great organizer, just a stacker. She had that garage organized, taking some things to Goodwill, throwing some things in the trash, and just overall bringing order to everything that was left!

Now my garage and closet are ready for the next phase!!! She will be in charge of that!

Julia F.


Ashlie is amazing! She is not only the most generous human I’ve met but she’s organized and thorough! She came over and helped me go through my garage and sell so much stuff we had accumulated over time. I felt free of the burden of an overwhelming job plus I made some extra money! Hiring Ashlie literally pays for itself! She amazing. When you can’t see through the thick of it, you need a fresh pair of eyes. Her compassion and love is palpable- she is genuinely here to help. I hope you get a chance to work with her - anyone would be so lucky!

Hillary N.


RAVE REVIEW for Ashlie Cobb who rocked it for one of my real estate clients. She was able to help get her organized, categorized, and moving in the right direction towards closing. The seller was dealing with an inherited home with 50+ years of personal items.

It wasn't just an issue of the items, it was the emotional side of this process where Ashlie shined. I was able to watch her in action as we met with the client. I stood back and let Ashlie do her thing. Very professional, caring, and understanding of the dynamics and empathy.

Well done and you won't go wrong having Ashlie do her thing for you or your client.

Geof Sloan


Luxury House

 Your home should support a life where you can cherish the people and experiences in it.

We’re here to help you create an unstuck life by starting at home. 

Contact Ashlie today.

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