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Unexpected Moves: One Client's Story

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Meet Sue and David.

Sue spotted David in a neighborhood creamery when they were just 17. Five years later, they were married and later welcomed their first son into the world, and then a second.

Like so many of us, they tried to do it all right. They invested in their families all their life. David was a very successful commercial Realtor and their kids went to the best schools. But their sons grew up, got busy and don't have as much time to visit.

Early last year, Sue lost her parents and inherited everything. Over 50 years of possessions were moved into 4 storage units. And after David retired, the house felt more cramped than before – even more needed to go.

The problem was, Sue was struggling, and she wasn't sure where it was rooted. She tried to stay social and connected with friends on Facebook. But watching all of her friends enjoy their grandkids, honestly just made her wonder if her sons would get married or have babies. Would they visit more?

With the holidays coming up, she realized how much she missed spending them at her parent's home. In moments like this, she was glad for the nostalgia from keeping their stuff. But it made her wonder, if anyone would care about her things? Because as much as she missed her parents, and their home, she felt overwhelmed by their stuff. And throwing their things out felt like a betrayal. After all, if these things were important for her parents to move time and again, she could find room for them now.

There wasn't an easy or obvious answer and Sue felt alone in her struggle. David wasn't stuck in the same stress pattern. He had finally retired! And was enjoying the freedom of playing golf regularly. Sue felt alone. David, on the other hand, was enjoying life and wished Sue would just let it go. David felt alone too.

And that's where Unstuck Living came in.

Sue contacted us and wrote that she needed help with some decluttering in her house. During our first session, we spent a lot of time talking through some of the difficult milestones of her current season.

Because she wasn't alone. She's not alone. We worked through some of the guilt she felt in relinquishing some of her parent's things, and ultimately decided to sell their bedroom furniture that had been kept for the guest room.

With the free space, she was able to create a sewing room. At first she thought she would just make blankets and things for family members. Then, she was called by a local volunteer group looking for someone that could make special blankets for families with premature babies.

By letting go, she gave herself the opportunity to have more experiences. And turned some of life's disappointments into a purpose in the process. She's enjoying life more, enjoying retirement with David and bringing her own stories to the dinner table.

That is a life unstuck.

**names and identities have been changed for anonymity**

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