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Time killers

I often hear these questions…

“Do you have to organize your own closet?” YES!!!! Especially after a busy summer season.

“What are the biggest hurdles to organizing?”

A lot of people say money. I like to show my clients you don’t have to make a huge investment to live unstuck.

•Shop your own house.

•Repurpose furniture

•When you know what you have, you use what you have. Save money!!!!

“I don’t have time to organize.”

This was definitely true for me this summer. Work-Summer Swim Team-Family Fun.

The piles of clean clothes stacked in bins, the collection of bags; swim, lake, hiking. The hats and flip-flops falling off my shelf. That was just my closet.

“How do I get back on track?”

Hire Unstuck Living

Seriously though…start with an Edit!

Edit: Find a couple boxes. Mark them, keep, donate and trash.

Trash: just do it!!! Saving something you might someday need is keeping you stuck. If this step is really difficult for you.

Ask yourself what keeping the item does for you? Often times you didn’t even know where the item was. Give yourself permission to move forward.

Donate: these are the items you no longer need but could bless someone in need. Find a local charity, donate to a school, church or a buy nothing group in your community. This is important…get your entire family involved in regularly donating unused items in your home. In my family we do a big edit before school starts, before birthdays and Christmas.

“If something new comes into your home, something needs to go out.”

Keep box:

Find a place for the items you treasure.

Organizational maintenance or Daily Graces. Daily graces are your routine. The tasks that occur daily.

“Everything in your home, needs a home.”

“What are your biggest time killers?”

Making a plan to get organized. Seriously, you just have to start taking action.

Enjoy time with the ones you love. There will never be another Summer 2022. Stay up late, laugh, take the long way home and make memories!

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